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The last few weeks have been packed with new product releases, so the team at Hemp Living Wholesale wanted to take a step back and post a quick overview of all the latest and greatest in our product catalog to keep you up to date as the year draws to a close. We are so proud of our team and all that we have accomplished this year. We put a lot of time and effort into each of these product releases, so we hope that all of our customers enjoy the fruits of our labor and get a chance to carry them all in your store!


Hemp Living: 2022 End of Year Wrap-Up


2ML Disposable Vapes

2g Dab Wax

1g Vape Cartridge

The latest feedback we’ve been getting is that people are asking for the strongest blend of cannabinoids they can get. So, we delivered. Our Heavyweight Series of Disposables, Cartridges, and Dabs are contenders for the hardest-hitting products in the industry. We combined THC-P, THC-O, Delta 8, Delta 10, and HHC with Live Resin terpenes to formulate these 10 new flavorful strains.

THC-O Hemp Cigs

Colombian Gold Punch

Trop Cherry

Birthday Cake

Our Hemp Cigs have been a staple for many of our stores and distributors. So, it was an easy transition to add a series including one of the hardest-hitting cannabinoids, THC-O.  Each carton of our THC-O Hemp Cigs includes 10 packs of 10 cigarettes, with 500mg of THC-O and 700mg of Delta 8 + CBD. Make sure to check out our Delta 8 options, including our rebranded Blue Dream and the latest strain, Pineapple Express.

2-Pack Gummy Displays

Delta 8 Gummies

Delta 9 Gummies

HHC Euphoric Blend Gummies

THC-O Euphoric Blend Gummies

We now offer a 2-Pack Gummy Display, in Delta 8, Delta 9, and our heavier blended options, featuring THC-O or HHC. If your customer is on-the-go, or on a budget, these 30-pack displays are conveniently packaged and priced to move.  Because of this, we discontinued our 6ct Delta 8 SKUs.

10-Pack Gummy Displays

Delta 8 Gummies

THC-O Euphoric Blend Gummies

Delta 9 Gummies

Our new 10ct Gummy Displays are the perfect amount of your favorites, packaged in colorful, glossy, Mylar pouches. Each display box contains 10 pouches, available in Delta 8, Delta 9, and our heavier THC-O Euphoric Blend. Because of this, we discontinued our 12ct Delta 8 SKUs and our 10ct Jar for Delta 9 and THC-O Blend.

Chocolates | Caramels | Treats

Delta 8 Chocolate Bars

CBD Salted Caramels

Delta 8 Crispy Treats

Our latest selection of premier edibles makes the perfect stocking stuffer to spoil your loved ones and curb your sweet tooth.  Choose between 3 different Delta 8 chocolate bars, brownie bites, square treats, and peanut butter cups. For those who prefer CBD without any THC, definitely check out the BLNCD Salted Caramels.

Happy New Year & New Products to Come!

With all that 2022 had to offer, it will be tough to top in 2023!

Have you signed up for an account with us? There’s still time and we still have several coupons running through the end of the year! Be sure to ask your sales representative for details and we wish you the happiest New Year!

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