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If you are looking for THC-O Supplier with top quality products? Hemp Living Wholesale supplies quality THC-O disposables, with dabs in production! Try out our delicious flavors, like Birthday Cake, Orange Creamsicle, and Raspberry Cough. Our prime THC-O products are perfect for your retail store.

Why THC-O for your retail store?

The hottest new cannabinoid on the market is THC-O and Hemp Living Wholesale is at the forefront! Delivering the highest quality THC-O products, Hemp Living Wholesale is here to help you provide your customers with exactly what they want.

THC-O can be three times as potent as typical THC 9 (like delta 9.) It delivers a psychoactive effect that can be both euphoric and sedative, depending on the dose. Some users report psychedelic experiences, mild hallucinations, and visuals, so THC-O-acetate is sometimes called the psychedelic cannabinoid. It has also been said to produce more profound levels of introspection than standard THC and evoke spiritual sensations. Many THC-O users experience some or all of the following effects: Body high, Buzz, Consciousness expansion, Joy, Psychedelic effects, and Relaxation. These effects are powerful for users seeking self-awareness through introspection, increased creativity, and gaining deeper understanding and insight. Your customers will love this new cannabinoid.

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Get THC-O Products You Can Trust

Stay tuned as we are adding more THC-O products often, including Dabs combing soon! You can also check out a variety of Hemp Living brand Cartridges, Gummies, and Dabs in other hot cannabinoids, like Delta 8 and Delta 10. PLUS, more we can’t even talk about that we know you’ll love!
Interested in stocking Hemp Living products in your storefront or retail location? Sign up for our wholesale program and be the first to know about new products and get early access to new product releases, like Delta 8 Pot Rocks by Hemp Living. When you buy wholesale, you get access to wholesale pricing and loyalty discounts, plus, free shipping on orders over $500. Near Wauwatosa? As a Hemp Living Wholesale client, you could get Same-Day Local Delivery within 15 miles of our location or same-day local pick-up on orders placed before 3pm! Click here and sign up for a wholesale account!
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