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Introducing, Sizzurp! Hemp Living’s newest cannabinoid infused cocktail syrup. Sizzurp delivers a heavy-hitting, concentrated, blast of flavor in each dose, making it the perfect way to High-drate. Just add a single dose to your favorite drink or fizzy beverage and you’ll have your Lean on in no time. Sizzurp’s brute strength comes from its 1000mg Heavyweight blend of cannabinoids, including: THC-P, Delta 8, Delta 10, HHC, and Delta 9. There’s now 3 iconic flavors to choose from. For purple drank OGs, our fresh and juicy “Grape” is a must have. The sweet and fruity “Watermelon” is a popular classic, but the gold standard will always be “Fruit Punch”. We hope you can try them all!

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