Micro-Dose Series

We’re thrilled to introduce our latest release, the Hemp Living Delta 9 THC Micro-Dose Gummies. Whether in a market with restricted potency or wanting more control over your dosage, these gummies are the perfect choice. Each gummy contains 5mg of Delta 9 THC, the ideal amount for micro-dosing. And with five irresistible flavors to choose from, including the fresh and fruity “Berry Kiwi,” the tropical blend of “Mango Passionfruit,” and the decadent “Orange Cream,” you’re sure to find your favorite. But why limit yourself to just one? Each jar size is available in a “Rainbow” variety, so you can try them all and find the perfect flavor. Take advantage of this exciting new release – order your Hemp Living Delta 9 THC Micro-Dose Gummies today!

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