Heavyweight Series

Hemp Living’s Heavyweight Series is the ultimate choice for those who seek the finest blend of THC-P, Delta 9, HHC, Delta 8, and Delta 10 with all-natural Live Resin terpenes. The Heavyweight Series is a game-changer that promises to deliver an unparalleled experience and is available in vape disposables, cartridges, concentrates, and edibles.

THC-P is known to be an exceptionally potent compound, with a strength of up to 33 times greater than THC. We have expertly crafted our products by adding just the right amount of HHC, D9, D8, and D10 distillate to ensure a heavy-hitting high that is still manageable. Our products are specially designed for those with a high tolerance for legal cannabis, and we assure you that they pack a serious punch. However, we also strongly advise using them responsibly and starting with a small dose to gauge their effects before consuming more.

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