Delta 8 Gummies Wholesale

As a leader in the industry, Hemp Living is proud to offer a variety of Delta 8 gummies wholesale, as well as Delta 10, HHC, and CBD products. We offer Flower, Dabs, Cartridges, Tinctures, and Edibles. While we’re proud to offer the variety of CBD and Hemp products, some of our most popular options are Delta 8 gummies. As we talked about in our Hemp Living blog, gummies are a popular way for users to get the health benefits of CBD. They’re also an easy and popular way for users to experience the effects of Delta 8 and Delta 10. These cannabinoids offer users a strong buzz, characterized by increased feelings of pleasure and lower sensations of pain. It’s not recommended to use heavy machinery while under the effects of Delta 8.

Best Delta 8 Gummies on the Market

Hemp Living offers an amazing variety of flavors for their Delta 8 gummies. Your customers will recognize the brand and will ask for the newest flavors!  Some of the most popular are Blue Raspberry, Fruit Cocktail, and Sour Gummies. We also offer some flavors in High Potency! Your customers will be asking for Hemp Living gummies when they visit your store!

Depending on the flavor and potency, these Delta 8 gummies wholesale are available in 6 counts, 12 counts, 25 counts, and different display options. You can see the whole collection here.

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Thanks for checking out our Delta 8 gummies wholesale! Stay tuned as we are adding more products often! You can also look forward to more exclusive releases from other leading brands like Cake and Dough.
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