Bulk Flower vs. Pre-Packaged THCA Flower

THCA products have become some of the fastest-moving items to hit shelves this year. Nationwide, stores and distributors are seeing record months, and it doesn’t appear the industry is slowing down anytime soon. As one of the largest suppliers of pre-packaged THCA Flower, Hemp Living is dedicated to providing the end user with the best experience possible.

As such, the question we get most often is why don’t we distribute our flower by the pound? Similar to a proud chef refusing to sell their mouth-watering Filet Mignon on the to-go menu, there are too many variables that could lead to a poor user experience. Below are the key reasons why pre-packaged THCA Flower is the best option for everyone, including your store.

  1. Freshness – It’s important to us that your flower stays fresh and flavorful, starting from how it’s grown, harvested, and stored, to how it’s processed, packed, and shipped, in-house. We keep our supply in nitrogen-displaced vacuum-sealed bags to avoid unnecessary oxidation and decarboxylation. We use clear glass jars for visual transparency and to avoid leaching from plastics. We also include Boveda humidity packs that respond to conditions inside the jar, absorbing or releasing moisture to maintain the ideal 62% hydration. Retailers that routinely dispense their flower from a larger jar, can run the risk of drying out their product. While it may look impressive to have that massive jar on display, every time it’s opened, there’s opportunities for oxygen exposure, which can result in decarboxylation. 
  2. Consistency – Your customer appreciates returning to find their favorite strain because there’s something unique about it. Maybe they fell in love with how skunky and flavorful Gary Payton was or how GMO Cookies hit them like a freight train. For me, it’s how Jelly Rancher is sweet like candy and makes me giggle like a schoolboy. Whatever the reason, your customers are counting on that consistency to come back to.
  3. Authenticity – We understand the importance of getting what you paid for. Your customers can rest easy knowing each jar is co-packed and sealed by the manufacturer. QR Codes are clearly labeled on each jar, so users can easily authenticate their purchase and locate the strain-specific Certificate of Authenticity (COA). 
  4. Liability – This industry can be brutal with the number of opposing views and changing laws. Only some have an understanding of the 2018 Farm Bill and how these products are federally legal because they contain low levels of Delta 9 THC. Your customers must leave with confidence, knowing that what they purchased won’t get them fined or even worse, arrested. Law enforcement should be able to quickly identify that this is legal cannabis, from a trusted supplier, with third-party lab tests.
  5. Presentation – Sending your customers home with a colorful, strain-specific, glass jar is much more rewarding than the alternative. We’ve seen vendors distributing their products in tins, plastic baggies, plastic jars, film containers, etc. Not only does this look unprofessional or illegal, these options don’t seal well and they offer little protection from the elements. All of our 3.5g and 7g THCA Flower jars have tamper-proof seals and child-resistant lids to reduce decarboxylation and keep out unwanted guests.
  6. Handling – All cannabis flower has fine hairlike appendages called trichomes, which produce most of the flower’s cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. If the buds are being moved constantly, there’s a good chance those trichomes will break off, causing a reduction in the potency and effectiveness. Our jars come preweighed, so your staff needs no additional steps or time invested to complete the sale.

Hemp Living is more than a manufacturer and distributor. We are curators of an exceptional THCA Flower experience. Please visit our THCA Flower Guide for a detailed overview of each strain, including more information on the dominant terpenes, flavor profiles, and potency percentages.

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Don Engelhardt, Sales Director

Hemp Living LLC

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