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Shroom Living’s Euphoria Gummies are made from scratch edibles that are infused with a euphoric blend of 100% legal mushrooms. Natural mushrooms have been used for centuries, not only for their holistic benefits but also for stimulating the mind and body. Our lab team selected the best combination of these heavy-hitting legends and infused them into our mouthwatering, made from scratch, vegan gummies. Ingredients include Lion’s Mane and Cordyceps mushrooms, Kava Kava, Damiana Leaf, and Green Tea. No hemp byproducts or THC.

Users have reported a variety of benefits, similar to the psychedelic compound found in psilocybin (magic) mushrooms, without the visual or hallucinogenic effects. So, no hallucinations, altered sensory perception, or altered state of mind. Users have reported feelings of weightlessness, mental clarity, arousal, improved mood and decreased anxiety. We recommend starting with one gummy and to wait an hour or two to see how you feel before deciding to up your dosage.

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Hemp is such a wonderful plant. Its potential as raw hemp to be converted to become so many different next gen cannabinoids– each with their own feelings, remedies, and treatments– is nothing short of awesome. To consumers who are new to alt-cannabinoids,...

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