Pop Cones

Get it poppin’ with Pop Cones! These pre-rolled cones give customers the option to add a burst of flavor to their joint or leave it plain and unflavored. Made of unbleached paper with a rolled paper filter tip, Pop Cones provide a new way for dispensaries and processors to diversify their pre-rolled cone offerings. Each filter has a flavor ball that is pinched to pop and release the flavor that mixes with the smoke.

Smoke shops also love Pop Cones! These cones also come in personal packs that customers pack with their own weed. Pop Cones add a pop of flavor to a standard joint cone and are packed neatly into colorful packaging that really pops on the shelf!

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Hemp is such a wonderful plant. Its potential as raw hemp to be converted to become so many different next gen cannabinoids– each with their own feelings, remedies, and treatments– is nothing short of awesome. To consumers who are new to alt-cannabinoids,...

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