Helpful tips for our Distributors and Retail customers during COVID-19.

Written by James Dolton (Hemp Living Employee)

Amid the developments of COVID-19, it has now become more difficult for wholesalers and distributors to connect with potential customers. Both the buying habits and the way customers purchase CBD products has drastically changed in just the last few weeks. Below are a few helpful tips to ensure your business can continue to thrive and meet customer demands.

Create online ordering
Many retail shops are already following this step. With guidelines in place instructing the public to stay home as much as possible, online ordering has become vital. It is strongly recommended that retail shops offer to ship online orders or establish a safe pickup procedure for customers who wish to place
orders online and physically pick up their order.

Promote “Non-smokable” products
While we at Hemp Living take great pride in our high-quality CBD flower and pre-rolls, we do realize that the current situation has led some customers to look for “non-smokable” options for their CBD needs. Promoting items such as edibles, oils, and topicals could prove quite successful. These can be easily
ordered at

Promote Glass
Though some have moved onto other options, there are also many customers who will always rely on jars of flower and pre-rolls for their CBD needs. With recommendations released suggesting that people do not share smoking accessories, promoting glass pieces could be a great option for customers who
prefer flower. We have a wide array of dry-herb pipes and water pipes available at

The arrival of the Coronavirus has made all of us alter both our personal and business lives. Hopefully these tips will help both your business and Hemp Living succeed in these challenging times.

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